Help, I can't login to forums or acct management

Edit2: Solved. My fault for not checking. The new PC said the correct time, but the cheapo shop had set the time manually to an incorrect timezone, which I guess dicked with the authenticator.

I correctly set the timezone, synced to internet time and all is well. Sorry for wasting anyone’s time.

Final edit: it was Evemon that alerted me, so well done again lads!

Thank god the phone still works!

Hi, I can access the forums on my phone (as now) and can get in to game via launcher, but I can’t access the forums or login to account management on my new PC.

It asks for username and password and then goes to the authenticator section where I put in the code, and it just goes back to the previous page, always with the same account, not necessarily the one I was trying to access.

I can’t file a support ticket from in game because that launches an external browser and, get this, asks me to login :hushed:

Help! I can access my Gmail here on the phone. Should I contact ""? I don’t like giving account details over email to be honest.

What’s going on? Remember, this is a new PC, would that matter?

Edit: I’ve managed to get a ticket going