Helping big alliances and CCP future Triglavian application

Sorry for bad English trying my best to exsplain

O At the moment conflicts are;
O Two or more fleets fight.
O Main ships die leaving players in pods.
O They either have to warp to nearest base (10+ jumps) or commit suicide.
O Is there a better way?

The topic

O I am suggesting the implementation of either;
“Designated reshipping ships” (calling DRS from here) or
“CCP designing and make a capital class vessels (a small/medium/large ship) designed with bonuses and role for alliances to be able to reship out of.”
O these vessels would make Wormhole and invasions Easier (from a logistic point).
O These ships also being used in pve fleets into Triglavian space (detail further down).

These DRS would include
1.) Clone bays
2.) Ship maintenance bay able to hold a fleet at least
3.) Not PvP focused but have tank at least

At the moment as we stand ships like the Archon can hold either;
O 35 purifiers
O 60 Harpy’s
O 10 caracals
O 10 muninns
O 3 drakes
O 1 bhaalgorn

Titan is either;
O 177 purifiers
O 303 harpys
O 54 caracals
O 52 muninns
O 19 drakes
O 9 bhaalgorns

O I don’t see any of the above stated numbers as a “effective relief force”.
O A titan has a clone bay and bigger ship maintenance bay but I believe alliances would have them in the main fight. (Using doomsday and often as possible.)

O I their for believe the first alliance to use a designated reshipping ship in a fight will have an winning edge.
O this being either against hostile-capitals or sub-capital-force

O Imagine ever pod that leaves the primary battle go to a safe spot in system to a archon (or DRS) in this case
O get in 1 purifier start doing EM bomb runs against the sub-capital-force or drop many neuting bombs against hostile caps
O get in 1 of the many battleships (or whatever the fleet is running) and get back in the fight.

CCP future Triglavian application?

O If we take the pocket space abyss sites as a example and CCP has future plans to expand upon this.
O e.g. incursions fleet sizes for invading Triglavian space having DRS for invading would make sense, but not at current level. As a rearming and reshipping ship.
O I see players coming together as 20-50 sub-caps and 1 DRS to invade Triglavian space.
O If we assume the Designated reshipping ships have a clone bay, able to refit other vessels from and include ship maintenance bay the Triglavian goal could be to kill the DRS and sub cap fleet.
O Also depending on feed back of players wants this invasions could be // your 50 man fleets gets in abyss site for 4 hours rearming reshipping from DRS until it’s done // loot and rewards would be worth more due to time spent being more.
O Players needing to protect DRS and run the sites goals
O e.g. scan down, hack, navigate through minefield/gas cloud whatever CCP plans to add in the future to the invasions sites.

O I don’t see the current capitals being used for such a manner as a designated reshipping ship as they are PvP focused not “heavy logistic focused”.
O I know there’s is the roqual but more mining gang focused
O I would love to hear what you all think about this change?

O Thank you for lasting this long I will try to answer any questions to exsplain as need be.

Didn’t we already add this to supers with the tactical recloner?


Probably #1 reason they won’t be added.
Can’t make it too easy to obliterate the defence unless you want a scorched ecosystem.

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