Here I am again!

After 5 years of hibernation I reactivated my account , was surprise to see that I am still in my old corp , been there over 7 years, but I think they all left since I am the only one in at any time and as sad that make me that bring me to this place, I never had post for join in a corp since I was ( in my view) in one of the most strong corps and alliance, BUT things change and tbh I don’t even know who run what this day, so I am looking for an active corp in 0.0 space south if possible ( still got a lota of crap there) to basically have fun at pew pew again and re-acquainted with the game again, I will put my game history so that some old member will remember this corps:

MASS- Shinra-Omega Corp-Black Reign-Destructive Influence [DICE]- and last Spicer ( that’s was all the active member of DICE.

Alliance been in BOB ( Band of Brothers) IT ( formed by mostly BOB corps)

This is it my char got almost 90 mil skill point and I fly bad ass ships, so if anyone is interested let me know.

P.S. I can fly T3 ships and I need to look but a got a legion somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:
Fly Safe !


I think you will find most of your ex corp mates, at least some who are still active, in some NC. corporations.

As for now, i will add that we are a group that lives in Stain ( NPC space ) if that matters and we are recruiting :))

feel free to hit us up

Hi Kantar, I think that you might find us interesting. Give us a look and drop by for a talk if you like what you see.

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