Hey Over here - Need some help with logging on to the Test Server

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Afternoon folks, look I have been trying to logon to the test server for the last few weeks and it keeps telling me that my user name and password is wrong. I have even reset my password and I still cannot logon. Any suggestions from the developers? I thought the LDAP between production and test would be sync’d however it appears that isn’t.

Prior to this @GM_Eidolon and @GM_Hotep suggested that I post this issue to the forums for assistance with the test server. Also the password reset link is not available here in the U.S. ; https://secure-singularity.testeveonline.com/forgotpassword.aspx

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :christmas_tree:

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This should probably be moved to the test server forum.

I just logged into Singularity using the same credentials as Tranquility - works fine. If you can login to TQ but not Singularity, I would file a support ticket - may need to wait until the next mirror.

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maybe have to wait for the next mirror

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Thanks, Ive tried the same credentials and then some of the older passwords. Nothing has worked thus far. I opened a support but the GM’s told me to open one here since it was the Test Server. So maybe I need to wait till the next mirror and hopefully the LDAP will be updated.

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