Hi Sec corp looking to join a Hi Sec Alliance

We are a small non-war declarable hisec corp based in Essence near Dodixie.

We are looking to join a hisec alliance for joint participation with:

Mining (hisec, low, WH, moons)
PVE (combat sites, missions, ratting, events)
Opportunity to learning PVP would be a plus (but isn’t our primary focus)
Opportunity to adventure into low or null would also be a plus.
And of course make friends and share comradery.

We are not looking for endless wars, 2am CTAs, or racking up weekly zkill points.
And we are not looking to relocate the corp (at this time at least).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Try Legendary Rejects. We Do everything and have no obligations. We have very experienced vets and do everything you have stated and more. We’re hs but go into ls and null for shenanigans. We have an alliance that is active around the clock and a discord.

Contact Kev Kammer in game to chat. We’re based in Amarr.

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Hi Jin

Iam the ceo of the morgue., an independent pvp alliance and we operate out of venal, nullsec npc.

We are looking for a indy/rookie corp to be part of our ranks and be responsible of our industrial side.

We can provide you lads a great pvp experience and you would provide us a good base for our future rookies.

Please let me know if you want to know more and join our discord


Hey, To be successful one must learn to defend, we are based in Stain NPC Nullsec, very close to lowsec/highsec exit. We offer PVP training and a variety of PVE with structure support. We are chill, we do not have CTA’s every day or even every week but in order to achieve goals, the Alliance must stand strong which means members comitting to pvp fleets for fun or otherwise.
I hope you consider us:
Stain NPC Space - EU Timezone - We are Happy Cartel - Looking for PVPers and Industry Specialists - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

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Hello Jin,

I was wondering if I might be able to have a meeting with you to get your thoughts on joining our alliance? Or just your thoughts on what you would like out of an alliance when you join?

I am with ISK.Enterprises and we are currently expanding our Industrial and PVP members & Corps.

Currently, our main focus is building our moon mining/industry and low sec pvp
We currently have:

  • Multiple Moons Across Multiple Systems which we can’t mine fast enough
  • Local Market for ships and equipment
  • 100% BuyBack for all Ore, MoonGoo, & Minerals
  • HighSec BuyBack for anything and everything for a quick profit
  • Low Sec PVP
  • Exploration

If interested or you have questions let me know or Join Our Discord Channel and we can talk more about how we can help you and your corp. ISK.Enterprises

I look forward to hearing from you, take care and Fly Safe o7


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