Hi seeking miners, industry and PVE friends in High Sec - Closed

Hi I am looking for more miners, industry and PVE players to join me in Deninard to play together, have fun and make lots of isk.

I do alot of ice, ore and moon mining, industry, PVE which includes Abyssals, exploration in Data and Relic sites and combat sites. On the side I may do PVP with others in my corp.

I am usually in the UK time zone and I want to build a big miner, industry and PVE network of friends. Deninard is in a 0.7 high sec system and 15 jumps to Jita.

So if you are alone out there and want some fun and company why not join me in game.
Seeking new or returning players and I am mostly online so I can train new people into things they never done before or if I cannot there are others in my corp who will.

If interested please contact me here or in game.

Wyndii Chelien

Also looking for more players to join me in the UK and EU time zone, but if you are US or anywhere else you can also join me :smiley:

Still looking for more miners, indy and PVE friends in High Sec.

Still looking…

Still looking…

Still looking…

Still looking for people to join us

Hi im a mainly Pve’r who does missions in high sec mostly and i would love to find a corp that i can join to do more of that or expand my Pve repetoire if you have any recommendations.

Hey we would love to have you come join us. We do more than just PVE, we do other stuff too so if your interested I can send you invitation to join us.

Invitation sent Arklite when you joined please IM me thanks Wyndii

Still looking for people to join us…

Still looking for people to join, don’t be shy come say Hi

Still looking…

Looking for more…come join us

Still looking for more ppl to join us, don’t be shy contact me :slight_smile:

Still looking for miners, Indy, pve and pvp to join us.

Still looking…

Still looking…contact me

Hey. An Alpha Miner here (have been an Omega and started years ago, but am back online). I would be interested in mining and industry. I was based in Caldari space but am in process of moving back to Gallente (currently setting up shop just down the road from you in Ommare). I am in Canada (Eastern Timezone) and would be interested in having others to mine with (currently Hi-Sec as I’ve been out a while) and getting my space feet back. I am usually online during daytime.

Hey Eoe

I be glad for you to join us, I contact you in game if your online.