High endOfficer mods, Abyssal,Skins (V1.7)

WTS hydra - SOLD
Curse BPO ME9 PE18 - SOLD
Setele DCU - SOLD
Estamel modified ballistic control unit - 22b
Unit F-435454’s Modified Damage Control -23b
Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier - 22b
Draclira’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb x 2 - 16.5b each
Draclira’s modified cap recharger - 12b
Draclira’s modified tachyon beam laser - 6b
Draclira’s modified reactor control unit - 1.8b
Draclira’s adaptive nano plating - 6b
Estamel modified torpedo launchers - 12b (2x)
Draclira’s em hardener - 3b
draclira’s therm hardener 3b
draclira’s explo hardener 3b
draclira’s kinetic hardener 3b

nyx umbral skin = 25b cheapest around

LAS offers over 15b
image offers over 6b
image offers over 4b
image offers or 6b

all in highsec in different locations all safe though
have a variety of fairly decent abyssal mods
feel free to bid stupid comments and lowballs will be counted as free bumps


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125b for the hydra

Not 4 Sale at that price

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hydra sold

What’d it sell for?

ill tell you depending if you are you gonna sell me one :wink:

They’re all being raffled.

sell me one for 160 :slight_smile:

200 deal or no deal

no thank you good luck with that shouldn’t be too hard to sell it at that

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5 new officer mods added !!!

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great mods for sale

get your officer mods and Gucci abyss

More added enjoy

best officer mods for sale