High Octane Nano Gang Null PvP – Bellax Borealis

Are you looking for intense, scrappy and fun fights where you get to be more than an F1 monkey?

Are you bored of only undocking to bash structures?

Do you want a place you can push your PvP skills to the limit, and dunk on the big blocs in the process?

Bellax Borealis is the corp for you. We are a tightly knit group of small gang and solo PvPers who rely on speed and wits to outmatch bigger opponents with an emphasis on nano fleets, hit and run, and covert ops.

We are looking for:

  • Skilled pilots that want to test their mettle
  • Newer pilots (with existing PvP experience) who want to learn real PvP
  • Aspiring fleet commanders who want to learn how to lead fleets and take out roams

We are primarily EU based, and start fleets from usually 18:00 – 20:00 Eve time. We have no activity requirements and are real life first.

To get in contact about joining, find us at our in-game channel ‘Bellax Public’ or join our discord server and ask for a recruiter: auth.arkhos.space

Come get some good fights!

What a fantastic week for Bellax Borealis and it’s wider alliance Arkhos Core:

  • Mercenary group paid to mess with us have given up and away (too many black eyes :wink: )
  • Fraternity’s ‘eviction notice’ fortizar anchored in our space was renamed, as they have also given up trying to move us
  • About to swipe the quantum core of a corp that made the mistake of war deccing us

And regular nano roams on top of that! Join now to get in on the action :slight_smile:

Join a corp with a top ten ranked proving grounds pilot today

Frat Ishtars are in season and ready for hunting, it’s a perfect time to join Ballax Borealis

We have basically daily content on right now so join today

Some frat pets decided to move in one jump from our staging? Sounds like some fantastic content is on the way, you don’t wanna miss it!

daily roams daily fun

The frat pets tried to hit our home station but, outnumbered and outgunned, we none the less thought back and won! We managed to save our astra and even come out isk positive, and ignore all the bifrots that lamp welped and we’re doubly isk positive!

Today we had to log in at a stupid time to hit a frat pet astra timer we created. Luckily they only managed to field 3 guys (for the time they chose?) and we got it into hull. Now it comes out at the same stupid time in a few days, join now to help in picking up the easy astra core

lol Astrahus | Suddenly Spaceless | Killmail | zKillboard

They got so mad we popped their astra that they called their mummy’s at WC to drop a 100 man muninn fleet on our astra! We’ll be responding with a full harassment campaign against them and all of WC, so join today to get in on messing with the bloc boys.

Managed to steal a 100m ESS from other frat pets up the pipe the other day if anyone wants a cut join today

The big bloc baddies have started dropping over 100 guys on us for every timer we have! Structure armor timers, ihubs… disgusting!

We may have to change our official status as a ‘completely independent sov holding alliance’, although completely independent will never change, however even still we insist on sticking around. By rebasing just a couple jumps out in low sec we can start messing with frat and their pets like there’s no tomorrow, so to get in on the local tears join today!

At least now that we don’t have timers to defend I can finally get back to taking out nano roams. Join now to get in on them!

ok, sure, we can’t take on 150 man HAC fleets, but we can always waltz into a frat pet’s back garden and blap their ratters Gila | Nickless Aurilen | Killmail | zKillboard, if you find zooming around hostile space and generally being a nuisance compared to endless braindead fleets, maybe you should today

we’ve been harassing frat’s ihubs in geminate so much they changed their capital system to the one right next door to us lol

Just had a lovely couple weeks up in venal doing the huntmaster sites and hunting frat in the process (although me not so much, my connection was constantly dc’ing for the whole thing :frowning: ), and now we’re back in geminate about to decide on our next move. Want to help us decide? Join today!

Today we warped 12 cloaked bombers within 3km of an NC supercarrier and then bombed the cyno leigon chilling with them (we were hoping for more but didn’t realise how badly supers could cheese NPC citadels). Tragically, zkill didn’t pick up the leigon kill, and none of us even got it because he died to a smartbomb cycle from one of the supers that were trying to blap us!

To help us get ahold of the killmail for the next time, join today!

LORDE have been trying to move out of geminate and it has been going very well Prowler | Seventh Star | Killmail | zKillboard