High Sec Based Corp Looking for Recruits

Cut Throats and Wise Guys (CTWG)

We want you to join our corp! We are a stable, zero-drama corp looking for pve minded players to join our ranks. We have CTWG original pilots who have operated in all sectors of space and can teach and assist in your PVE/Industrialist needs, with a touch of PvP thrown in! Join our “CTWG Public” channel for more information.

Seeking Active Players

We Are Looking For:
★ All pilots
★ PvPer’s Welcome
★ Mining and Mission Running
★ New Pilot Friendly
◙ Be social
◙ Be a team player
◙ Be on voice comms
◙ Full API Key required
What we have:
Corp mineral/ice purchase program.
Pilots from EU & US
New Pilot training available
Mining Boosts available
High level Missions available

All time zones welcome!
Please join channel “CTWG Public” or contact myself or ‘Leuruna’ or ‘Freya Shimane’ by convo or in-game mail.

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