Velvet Sandbox Logistics is recruiting High Sec Miners and industrialists in Amarr space!

We offer the following services to our members:

:aura: Ore Buyback Program
:aura: Mining Operations (Jetcan & Boosters) in High Sec
:aura: BPO/BPC Sharing
:aura: Skill Book Library
:aura: Limited PVE and PVP Fleet Opportunities
:aura: Discounted Hauling Program

We are part of the Silent Coalition and have access to all of their services.
Silent Coalition

We are a relaxed corporation of mature and experienced players. Providing you easy access to fast isk.

Full API Key Access required as part of application.

Message Rinsler Audeles for more information.


Still hiring. Our ranks have grown considerably in the past week! Mining ops for ice and ore are occuring frequently!

Come get paid!

Bump! Still hiring

Now with LowSec Moon Mining! Come get some MooGoo

Daily Mining ops have been established. Always looking to grow!

Just a daily bump!!!

Looking for more like minded players that wanna enjoy the casual side of EVE!

  • Wanna break ore and sell it you can do that here with our daily Mining ops!
  • Wanna work on your Indy skills and make bank we have the resources!
  • Wanna watch NPC ships disperse into beautiful space pixels… you guessed it!
  • Most importantly do you wanna make some close friends that enjoy helping each other out? Well this is the place to be and if i forgot something I can point you in the right direction to make it happen!

I recently joined this corp and gotta say I’m happy I did! Best part of this corp is they listen to there members and each person has a voice so if you are interested please fell free to say hi in are in-game channel “VSL Recruitment” and sit back and enjoy the game!

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