High Sec Industry Corp Seeking Active USTZ Pilots


(Kathamar) #1

(Kathamar) #2

Still looking for more pilots to join us in the belts

(Kathamar) #3

Our ranks are growing, the only thing we are missing is you.

(Kathamar) #4

still looking for some chill pilots to shoot the ■■■■ and the rocks

(Kathamar) #5

Still searching for pilots

(Kathamar) #6

Recruitment is still open, if you are chill, then come join us in the ice belts!

(Kathamar) #7

Arkonor in HS!?
Yeah, we got that.

(Kathamar) #8

We are still looking for more miners, builders, and those with a passing interest in PvP

(Havena Goodtime) #9

What region are you located in?

(system) #10

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