[hisec pvp training] Jazzmyn private investigations

We look for no more members, we look for no more wars. We don’t look for profitable warcontracts either. We have all what we need. All we want some is content from time to time, and some fun fights ofcourse. Train your corporation for pvp before moving into lowsec / null / wormhole or before getting wardec from some hisec mob or just test your corporation pvp readiness.

They say hisec mercs don’t want to fight, but WE DO if that’s agreed on (voluntary pvp). If you want pvp training in hisec we can come and fight you with our vexors and even give you some handicap :smiley:

It could be something like this https://zkillboard.com/related/30000122/201706301900/ (it was really 8vs8 but some of them got away :stuck_out_tongue:)

Send me EVE mail and me + my small but dedicated group of individuals might give you lesson or two in hisec pvp. First fight free of charge. Me and most of our members are high skilled characters and experienced in the arts of pvp. And if we are not completely wasted at the time, we might give your corporation a good challenge.

Send me evemail specifiying your corp name and if want to save some of my precious time also your kb info, where you want to fight etc, I will look into it. If I like it, I come fight you and bring my crew. We will pay the fee to wardec your corporation and war will be cancelled whenever you want.




Jesus Christ, a 5 character minimum.