☜Hive☆Mind☞ Spacebros Wanted o/

The Hivemind Holding Our Corp
The Hivemind Federation Alliance Our Alliance

We are looking for corps and individual pilots who would be a good fit for our growing alliance. - Lots of Stuff to Do in Hisec & NullSec to Make that Dank I$K

A Storied Past & Bright Future among friends
Respectful Comms
Friendly, Active & Social Spacebros
No Drama, Yelling, or Mandatory CTAs
Newbro friendly, teaching community
Small gang PVP, SOV Warfare, Moon, ICE & Ore Mining Fleets
☜Hive☆Mind☞ Fly with Friends, Spacebros o/

HIVE Public <— Join our Social / Public channel for more info

Bumping up.

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