Homecoming: The Reclamation of Naga V

Faith Griffiths, a short Ni Kunni Girl clad in a simple brown high-collared dress, addresses anyone who will listen, reading her notes with a shaky voice.
Good morning, Intergalactic Summit… My name is Faith Griffiths. I am a proud, young Ni Kunni pilot of Khimi Harar, and I was born in the Fabai Constellation, on Naga V, beneath the waves. My mother and father were the barons who controlled the underwater city in which I was raised. I enlisted in the Navy at the age of 18 and my home planet has since been invaded and desecrated by Blood Raiders while under the negligent leadership of Alar Chakaid, the Khanid regional governor. Now that he has been freed of his imprisonment, activated a Doomsday weapon against the citizens of Kahah, and was subsequently killed, I am retaking the responsibility of protecting my home planet in the interest of preserving my peoples’ safety, culture, and way of life. On the 15th of February, LUMEN seized control of the customs office orbiting the planet to ensure freedom of movement and maneuver over the planet. Today, LUMEN and her allies launched an operation to retake and recolonize the underwater city of Osiris, a regional source of fresh, clean water. We moved several sigils full of colonists, security forces, and equipment from Neesher to Naga, avoiding Triglavian and Pirate forces alike, and have begun the tedious work of removing the Blood Raider influence from the sub-surface city which controls the planet. I ask that the Empress and Theology Council grant me the authority to protect my home world and acknowledge the sovereignty of Osiris free of Lord Chakaid and allow us to exist under the greater Empire.



The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist disputes the characterization of Lord Alar Chakaid as “negligent”. Furthermore, the position of our church is that the Kahah doomsday incident was a False Flag operation perpetrated by anti-Empress Catiz using a brainwashed clone of Lord Chakaid.

Regarding the matter at hand, it must be noted that Miss Faith Griffiths has entered into a romantic relationship with a Minmatar. An Amarrian Lady who has made such a horrific decision, sadly, has disqualified herself from nobility and the right to rule a city. When the True Emperor is restored to the Throne, he will promulgate a new Scripture: “Woman shall not lie with Minmatar; it is an abomination”. We say all this with a heavy heart because Lady Griffiths is so nice, but theology is theology, and exceptions cannot be permitted. We therefore request that Lady Griffiths be denied authority over any portion of Naga V and that an orthodox Amarrian male or Amarrian female who has not been bedded by a Minmatar be installed in her place.

Meaning him. His position.

That’s what that means, if anybody wonders.

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Are you supposed to be the True Emperor? If not, how can you speak for him?
And the other way around, will men also not lie with Minmatar?

I can probably answer that, Ms. Tsukiyo.

First, he’s not; he’s just waxing prophetic. Mr. Nauplius doesn’t regard himself really as high-grade leadership material, but he does identify his own musings as divinely inspired.

For the other thing, uh … let’s just say he himself finds certain Matari attractive, so, no, same standard most likely won’t apply to men. He’s even made it explicit in the past.

Stuff’s subject to change, but, generally these two are pretty predictable.

Typical Patriarchy of Course. For women it’s a sin to lay with anyone but Amarr Males. But will be perfectly fine for Amarrian and Khanid males.

But then again, Nauplius seems to be confused, First, it was the Khanid who should rule, now it’s this 'True" Emperor of his. Next, I am willing to place a bet down that he will be Claiming to be the Prophet of God and he will be the one Picking the true emperor of his

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