Hooligans Alliance is recruiting Corporations

(Manfred Sideous) #1

Hi I am Manfred Sideous alliance exec for Hooligans. We are a new alliance living in drone region space. We have a nice little pocket of space for alliance use and even more that we rent. Hooligans is mainly a USTZ alliance filled with older and mature players. We like to have a good time and deploy all over EVE for content in our citadel network. We are looking for a select few more corps to join us. What we are most looking for is good natured people that have drive and ambition to grow and improve in EVE. I am not to worried about how awesome or bad your killboard stats are how many supers or titans you have or etc dumbo statistics. I want people and corps that are team players and enjoyable to be around. We have all the normal amenities Auth/Comms/Discord/Forums buybacks srp yadda yadda yadda. Send me a mail or convo me (not on Manfred alot since it is a titan pilot so if it takes me a day or so to get back to you you know why).

(Manfred Sideous) #2

Up to the top.

(Manfred Sideous) #3

Looking for corps that are motivated to grow and improve. Hooligans has the content the assets and etc

(Manfred Sideous) #4

Still looking to add a few corps that are the right fit.

(Manfred Sideous) #5

Still looking for corporations that fit in with our culture. We are USTZ mostly late 20s to 40 something year olds. We like to roam and pvp but we also got nice space to earn isk in. We are slowly building instead of mass recruiting corps or players. So HMU lets talk.

(Manfred Sideous) #6

Still looking for corps and players