Hotkey warp Lag

Discovered this problem after loosing multiple miners and transport ships when multiboxing, thinking they are docked and safe, only to find they have alligned and just sat their, or reached a gate and not jumped, gotten blasted by rats.

The problem lies with S+Click (Warp to) and D+Click (Dock, Jump, activate gate) on the overview, 85% of the time doing this and clicking on the fortazar or warp location, my ship either warps to the target, or warps and docks/jumps.
the other 15% of the time, more so when using D+Click, my ship sits in space aligning to the object, and sometimes stuck in a small limbo where it will not warp at all. It gets very frustration when you think your ships about to warp off, just to alt tab back to the screen to see it aligning 100km of destination.

I’ve done some experiments when i notice it happening alot, making sure im using the right hotkeys, which i am, just to find it fail.

I am currently playing in New Zealand and started to think it was a ping/connection issue.