How Do Steam users log into SiSi...?

Hi, I’m having a bit of difficulty logging into Singularity.

Oh boy, I am a steam user and now have an EVE “usename”. Which is tried and tested BTW.

I just don’t see any way to get in. see picture.

What are the steps for a brand new user to log into Singularity? Please be as verbose as regards to steps as best you can. Assume that I am 5 years of age. ;'D

Thanks in advance.


You have to be very patient if you click anything it will bring up a login window, if you have that close it down completely and try again but when you click sisi just wait without clicking anything for a few minutes and it should log you in automatically.

If that doesn’t work it’s more than likely a permissions thing going on so first thing to try would be temporarily disabling firewall to see if that helps. If that doesn’t help you can try taking read only off of your eve folder and if that doesn’t work you can set full permissions for all user’s.

P.s. if its the firewall you can just add permissions to eve and re-enable the firewall.

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Thank for replying.

Are you saying I don’t need register for SiSi?

Also, do you think a firewall issue will allow me to log in to tranquility and not singularity?

I have tried your suggestion. The login window for sisi is always there.

I tried switching to (singularity=SiSi) closing the launcher. On start it shows tranquility again.


For me it worked without me having to register, I just click sisi waited awhile and it auto logged me in maybe there is a way to brute force it by typing in Steam:username or something but you would have to messege CCP directly for that kind of info maybe try open a support ticked as posts here aren’t really seen unless there is a lot of people commenting on them.

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CCP doesn’t update the account -database for SiSi all the time. Every few months they take a snapshot of the accounts and apply that to SiSi. So if you just made an account, you don’t have access to SiSi until a new snapshot is done.

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