How is it now

Sow how is abyss now still the same useless ■■■■ only for ships that is more blinged out that todays shitty rappers ? Or have they manage to make iron out it more to be more streamlined and useful and a decnt way to make isk?

Reason I wish it´s a decent way to make isk is that after 11 years on and off in eve doing mission,mining,ratting,exploration for the 11th million time your kinda sick of the same old stuff I mean I was happy like ■■■■ something brand new that I never done before but it´s so damn shitty made you had to do it 200-400 times just to get the isk back you spent on that 2billion gila to even handle the ■■■■.

Or do they need 2-3 years to Iron the ■■■■ out ?

Go drunk, dude, you’re home.


I’m going to refer to heavily blinged ships as ‘rapper ships’ from now on. Thank you sir.



The main difference is now you can go in with 3 blinged out frigates with 2 of your flyest homies, or instead of shooting at NPCs you can now shoot at an equally expensive player ship.

I just really can’t bring myself to spend that much on a fit that is practically guaranteed to get destroyed at some point. I’m a space-poor newbie who sucks at Abyss ■■■■. And even CCP’s recommended newbie fits are still too much for me to afford as often as I would need to run enough sites to turn a profit.

Yeah I know you Im a poor ■■■■■■■ vet because I don´t play 24/7 or live down in null all day. So maybe wait 2 more years for them the get their hands out their asses and make it decent.

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I spent 700m on a Vaga to run 4’s and 5’s and made the isk back in 2 sites. Perhaps you’re doing it wrong?

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700m is too much for me sadly, and I haven’t made it to T4s yet. So, kinda yeah.

Not tried this myself, but I believe Suitonia did a video with a 30m isk Caracal fit that does T3’s just fine.

Interesting. I’d like to see that fit, please :slight_smile:


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