How to fit a Machinaw

After a long break I am back in EVE. After a few days I upgraded my account to Omega. My interests are in mining and manufacturing. Willing to upgrade the fits of my old ships I’m looking for hints and exemples. My main problem right how is finding the right fit against all possible damage types. EM, thermal, kinetic explosive. In the workbench fits I saw a selection of hardeners and amplifiers used. As I understand it is not a good idea to fit against one damage type only, especially for mining-ships. Are there any hints to the best solutions ?

Some info: Mackinaw EVE Uni

I’d say: If you are caught solo in Low or Null, your tank doesn’t matter, you’ll be toast. So it depends on under which circumstances you gonna mine - in a group, some PvP friends nearby, Highsec?

Mostly mining in high-sec and in anomalies. I checked some fits at Workbench but I’m undecided about the mid-slots. Should I install hardeners oder shield amplifiers for the different damage types to have at least a small change against gankers.

might also want to make sure the fits on workbench are updated with the recent changes to exhumers/barges.

Anomaly mining is a thing of the past, I’m afraid. Or do you mean ice?
But if you’re mining in (calm) Highsec, I’d put in a prop mod, a survey scanner and two shield mods, while emphazising mining, not tank. Yield is more important than some further 100 EHP for it’s original purpose.

If you really want to tank, try a Skiff.

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