How to report a gate camp?

How do you report a gate camp to Gate Check?

Lol, gate check runs off of zkill, if a loss shows up on that gate, it will show it on the website.

Right. It will show a kill.

But how does it know it was at the gate and not somewhere else in the system?

It will show on the website.

For example: Malediction | Hishimaro Allas-Rui | Killmail | zKillboard
Look at the location, Stargate (V-LEKM) (1160.05km)

Gate Check will check kills for that and report the gate camp that way.

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Dont think it’s accurate.

I was ganked at a gate an hour ago. Wasnt podded but lost my ship.
Still doesn’t show zkill.

zkill can only show your losses if the victim or attacker has zkill api enabled. On the website click on the anyomous profile picture in the top right and log in with your character. This will ensure that all of your kills and losses show up there. So Gate Check can see them.

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You can also upload kills to zkillboard individually. If you don’t want to have all your kills and losses show up.

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Now I see my loss. Thanks.

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It don’t use zkill. it pulls data directly from ESI.

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