How to size up a NPC enemy


Just started playing two weeks ago and I really love the game. I do have one huge problem though. When you do missions the NPC enemies are more or less easy to beat, but then I got into exploring… And got blown out of the sky time after time… Usually one two shot and I’m done…

Hoe can you estimate the level of your enemy before engaging…???

Thanx for any suggestions…

Well, you can start by researching the name of the mission or the site that you want to run. Here is a starting point, with information about combat anomalies:

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If your doing exploration and getting attacked by NPCs I assume you are exploring in Wormholes?

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Exploration is not only hacking cans.

Yes, I was. I guess Igot really lucky one of the first times I went through a unstable wormhole, cause it was unguarded and I got awaywith 38 mln. After that I just got blown out of space by sentries. :slight_smile:

in WH you get faction data/relics. they have no rats, they will have the word sansha, or serpentis or gurista etc in them, if they dont have those pirate faction names in the name of the site there will be rats in them. These faction sites appear in C1 to C3 wormholes, not above.

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That’s what I’ve been doing so far… What else is there… ? :slight_smile:

Dank ISK. Even in hisec if RNG Overlord has god day :wink:

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