How to turn off mouse cursor in EVE ONLINE?

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the thing is ive been working in my youtube channel videos and i was trying to get a perfect combat/engagement recordings in eve online as i was putting together a channel trailer in youtube.

The shortcut CTRL+ F9 will disable all User interface but the mouse cursor is still visible.

i wonder is there any way we can remove or disable the mouse cursor in eve online? is there any short cut?

ive read a lot of trend most of them are obsolete and not working.

im using camtasia to record most my eve online video in youtube,
and NVIDIA experience video recorder in my HD shots and all of them shows the game cursor.

Please do share if you have a way to record eve that the cursor will not show during recording…

Thank you so much for those who will answer this question.

Never met a Newbro asking that…
Perhaps you find better help in this section:

Have you checked the settings of your recording software?

For instance, I use the Game bar recorder built into win10. It has a checkbox to disable recording the cursor.

This would be better for gameplay anyway, as it wouldn’t leave you guessing where you click.

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