HS Mining fleet for sale!

Destroy Ice Belts with your new fleet!

pw: Sale

6.5b for Quince_Devenandre

@UltraWong Will sell for 6.5 bil

Bradford SOLD

Please follow all Character Bazaar rules when selling characters. Have them all confirm they are for sale or I will close the thread. Thank you.

Does it work to edit the original post? I thought I was following the rules by posting that one character had sold. Thanks for the clarification.

You are allowed to edit the original post, but characters must confirm they are for sale by posting in this thread for multiple characters sales threads.

Confirmed for sale

Confirmed for sale

Confirmed for sale

Confirmed for sale

isk sent to Quince Devenandre, and account message has sent to Quince Devenandre in game

SOLD, Character transfer initiated

i can offer 13b for the 3 remaining character

ill give 14b for the three remaining characters

4.6B for Banksy Reals

4.6b for Lala Llorona

4.6b for Petronas Charming

Will sell remaining to Rasmus for 14b if offer is still good.

offer is still good, ill send you mail from 3 accounts, since i want 1 character on 3 different accounts.