HSFRS - Pilots Wanted for WH Exploration and Exploitation AU/EU/US


(Pbass) #1

Want to learn WH life, struggling to learn alone, already know and need just a way in? WH life is as crazy or laid back as you want it to be, crazier! Wormhole Surfers of Eve (HSFRS) is a small core of active pilots interested in growing our presence in a C2 w HS/C4 static. We have a hus and a raitaru, run tripwire, slack, team speak, and operate right now in mostly ACT and EST/CST.

If you are looking to learn WH, want to get in on the ground floor, are established but need a place to chill and regroup, or just need a change, we want to talk to you. Covops is necessary, other than that its all just about what you want to learn and how you are going to fund it! We’re here to help each other figure that out. Message me here, in-game or join “HSFRS Public” to discuss your needs and interests further.

(Pbass) #2

Embrace no local! Join us!