HSPD Needs You!

High-Sec Police Department is recruiting! We accept anyone from a new player to the vets.

In this corp you will have many chances to gain higher ranks and work your way up the ladder.

Have you ever experienced a gank? Have you ever encountered a pirate attacking you? Or are you a solo player that lives in high-sec looking for new friends to play with.

Here at HSPD we want to make an impact to further new Eden safety.

At the current moment our new players are under constant threat from pirates or griefers but no more! We aim to stop the loss of new clones in new Eden and provide the safety in which high-sec was made to be.

What we provide for you!

  • A network of friendly people to have fun with
  • Training for new players
  • Clear Goals!

What we are looking for?

  • A postive Attitude
  • A mic is required

We have only just started as a corp! But we need you!

Pubilc channel : High-Sec Police Department Recruitment Channel
If you have more questions join the public channel and ask !


2nd Bump :grinning:

Still Active !


Will you accept affiliate corps? instead of just new pilots?

Get in touch with me via ingame email :slight_smile:


Good people that do good work :slight_smile:

Come check us out!

Still looking for new members!


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