I dont understand it, what is wrong with the Devs of Eve online?

I really dont get it. every time i want give this game a chance, want have a nice time, this game or better the Gms and Devs fucks me…

It was one year ago, i have buying 3 Collectors Editions and use the keys, on 3 Accounts, have give all the stuff my main character, after that i get my account closed. After i talk with the Gms, send the bills, Pictures from the Collectors edition, give the name of the seller on Ebay , send pictures of the Ebay auction. The have give my account free…

After i have buy few packs on Humble Bundle Bronze, Silver, Gold etc. and few keys from Markee Dragon and other sellers. I get again my Account closed and i need again talk with the Gms, the say one of the Keys was not ok. Again i send all Bills, send all pictures, send everything i hade, talk etc. After that the give my account free. How i can now, that one of the Keys i have buying are not legit, i have use it, the system has check it and it was ok.

Now i have made me a twink for a my Corp, the only thing i have do is i have buying a skill extracter to get some boost from my main for my twink. And again nothing works and i get the message that my main has Security Restrictions. the only thing i have do in the past was pay money to collect many stuff from the game and get easy way. I have pay everything myself.

This is really anoying, i have never get that much problems in a online game, what the ■■■■ you devs want that i do for you? is it not possible to play this game without get every few month a hit from you guys. What stupid Goals i have do in the game, mining a littlebit, run level 1 missions, create few useless items. What demage i as a lazy player can do on the game that you guys are that much on it to ■■■■ me? Really what the ■■■■ is wrong with you people from eve online?

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What is a twink?

I suggest you type it into youtube. Don’t forget to allow adult content in your settings.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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quit buying ■■■■ from third parties maybe?? Sign up through eveonline.com if you want to play the game…

A twink is a new character…a second character for playing…

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I have not buying more from third parties…but its really hard that i get this Security Restrictions after one year and after i have buying a skill extracter from ingame… → I can understand the people that use bots get banned, or people the are not friendly ingame, but my mistake was only buying stuff from eve online…the collectors Edition i have buying was all new and in a closed special paked over the original paket, it was not possible to buy it on the website. I buying over 5 years keys from Humble Bundle like all other people and its a legit website. What ever, this can not be a reason to put that much problems on a customer that just wants play after work a little bit eve online…

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This is what happens when you go wallet warrior style in EVE, either the devs or lack of experience screws you over. :stuck_out_tongue:

But joke (although true) aside don’t buy from third parties those things despite might seem or even should be legit can always end up fraudulent for one reason or another (credit card charge-back, purchased with stolen credit card / account and whatever else that may be revealed at a later date only). Better safe than sorry.

Not sure posting this on the forums will help you though. I recommend submitting a support ticket and ask this from the GMs (in a more polite manner mind you).

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“Waaaa I got banned for buying from illegitimate sites”


Please file a petition about the matter. The forums will be unable to help you in this issue at this time. Thank you.


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