[I-RED] Ishukone-Raata Public Financial Release: January YC121

[I-RED] Ishukone-Raata Public Financial Release: January YC121

Syndicate Region
MK7-A0 Constellation | XS-XAY Solar System
XS-XAY Reppola Logistic Support | Ishukone-Raata Mobile Headquarters

The following is a public financial release regarding economical details for January YC121.

Jump Clone Activation Fee: 12,100,000.00 (12.10 Million)
Jump Clone Installation Fee: 200,000.00 ISK (202.00 Thous)
Market Transactions: 37,956,804,270.00 (37.95 Billion)

Placid Regional: 6,953,320,450.00 (6.95 Billion)
Syndicate Regional: 395,085,060.00 (395.08 Million)
The Citadel Regional: 4,000,000.00 (4.00 Million)
The Forge Regional: 28,400,398,759.00 (28.40 Billion)
Contract Profits: 2,204,000,000.00 (2.20 Billion)

Miscellaneous: 7,306,105.00 (7.30 Million)
Office Rental Fee: 12,200,000.00 (12.20 Million)
Planetary Customs: 336,472,429.00 (336.47 Million)

Total Revenues: 38,325,082,803.00 (38.32 Billion)

Broker’s Fee: 484,622,201.00 (484.62 Million)
Contract Price Payment: 12,167,797,732.00 (12.16 Billion)
Market Escrow: 12,401,862,708.00 (12.40 Billion)
Transaction Tax: 360,324,689.00 (360.32 Million)
Operating Expense: 6,389,746,721.00 (6.38 Billion)

Total Cost of Sales: 31,804,354,051.00 (31.80 Billion)

GROSS MARGIN: 6,520,728,752.00 (6.52 Billion)

Alliance Maintenance Fee: 20,000,000.00 (20.00 Million)
Office Rental Fee: 10,856,277.00 (10.85 Million)
Contract Reward Deposited: 15,000,000.00 (15.00 Million)
Contract Brokers Fee: 300,000.00 (300.00 Thous)

Total Cost of Expenses: 46,156,277.00 (46.15 Million)

OPERATING INCOME: 6,474,572,475.00 (6.47 Billion)


IIRC the dividend payments from the OGS used to be included in this financial release as well. If I’m right, then why not this time?

That’s a pretty reasonable margin, all things considered.

Although one could simply export ships and fittings from Jita to some godsforsaken nullsec staging system and effortlessly put them up on contracts, and make the same margin more or less.

How much mental effort goes into I-RED’s generation of profit? What’s your ISK/laziness? :guardparrot:

This is actually a serious question, I promise. It’s relevant for the question of middle management burnout.

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Dividend payouts from the OGS used to be included, yes.

I have decided to omit these details from the report, in favour of sticking to the private mails that usually go out to investors each month. I realize these have not been sent lately, but they will be caught up on as soon as I have some free time.


The short answer, is that there is a good amount of mental effort that goes into generation of profit. Making ISK for an organization should not be easy. There are a large number of factors to weigh in.

Burnout is obviously something that can happen and we take it into consideration, as any business should. While I can not go into the fine details of how we operate, I’m sure most people understand that there is a process in place to check that an employee is prepared for the time consuming task of generating profit for their organization, however it may be done.

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