I See You. recruting null sec players null-sec PVP PVE

I See You. is recruting active pvp, mining, industry pilots.


  • Space to rat, mine and exploration
  • Large/Medium/Small Fleets
  • New Player Support

What we are looking for?

  • Atleast 10 mil sp, if you are active we can change our mind
  • Killboard must be active
  • Able to train for doctrine ships
  • No drama players.

Token is requared for checking

Ingame channel H1D3

Contact : Napime or Alexandr Soljenitin

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We need more fresh meat

I dont bite, not much atleast.

Still up :slight_smile:

Up and running

Still looking for fresh meat.

Still looking for players

good guys ! vote up in support!

Still recruiting

Still recruiting, looking pvp players capable to sustain themself.

No free donuts

Bump .

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