I would like to see a special area for people who have a real life disability who cannot react as fast you're just an idea below

I like the idea Jen. Make an area where the disabled can come into the game and have fun the same as everyone else.

Maybe 200 systems for those with disabilities. The person with the disability would have to prove they had a disability to join the disabled systems so that it wasn’t exploited. Then go and have fun. Come into the regular systems when you want too and use the Systems for Those With Disabilities as your haven.

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Technically, being a sociopath is considered a mental disability, so guess what? All the gankers you are trying to get away from will also be allowed in those same systems. Enjoy…


The problem is that you are asking for something that will throw off the IG economy. If you can get access by paying…why can’t another player? Once there is a section of the game that has the safest ISK making it could be farmed extensively disrupting the current market process. These things ripple throughout the economy.

I understand the issue you’ve raised. I think the best solution is to look for a player driven result vs. CCP. Having CCP do something is not likely to end well. For example, once this safe section is known you’ll be targeted for ganking as you move your cargo. Or you end up moving it in small non-gank worthy amounts which would necessitate making many more trips.

Going back to player groups. Sure typically they’ll want someone who can PvP. But running a sov holding alliance actually takes alot of work. Fueling structures. Building stuff necessary for logistics. Moving crap around. If you can do that you’ll be one of the unsung heroes in your alliance. Sure the rank-and-file may not realize it, but to the leadership you’ll be a goddamn hero. And you can then farm away in said space. Get on comms, join the standing fleet and if something bad happens you call for help and help comes. Of course that depends on finding a group with a good culture, especially with the leadership.

Not really, there would be gamers who would take the challenge of protecting the Disabled Capsuleer Squadron from those looking to exploit them to heart and join their corporation. If she is a miner and likes to mine then she can mine. Some of the ISK from her mining would go towards her corporations defense ships and the like.

I’m certain that there are professional health care providers out there that like games such as Eve Online and wouldn’t have any problems being the protectors of the Disabled Capsuleer Squadron. Actually it might help their careers out by assisting them in Online Game Environment Management.

Quake God will be the first one with the tag on Zkillbaords titled as GIMPED. Enjoy.

Sure, now that I think about it, your idea is completely do-able, with the stipulation that everything that happens in those “disability” systems stays in those disability systems. You can’t import or export anything. That would be the trade-off for 100% security.

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We already have a system for 100% non-pvp that you can visit. Doesn’t have any effect on the main server, occasionally wiped out.


That is isolating them from everyone else based on their disability which is correct.

I understand the issue you’ve raised. I think the best solution is to look for a player driven result vs. CCP. Having CCP do something is not likely to end well.

The problem with Can’t Code Properly is just that.

Maybe for their system that they live in it is always -.5 in every system. Obviously there will be disabled who go after other disabled players in their ships which would cause risk vs reward not to mention the NPC and the risk vs. reward as well.

I think that would be a perfect name for Corporation

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All you need to do is find those who are disabled who like to play games and introduce them to Eve Online through the use of Alpha Clones at first.

That’s a perfect idea I think I’m going to do that do you mind if I use and disables capsuleer Squadron as a as a corporation name?

You go right ahead and use the Disabled Capsuleer Corporation as the name of your corporation.

I want to thank everybody for the great debate and I think I’m going to go with advice https://forums.eveonline.com/u/DrysonBennington

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This name is a bad idea.

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Yes or no yes you’re running risk of being ganked having that Corporation name I get that but it’s also more a representation thing for the disabled Community inside of Eve

Having long conversations today with other capsuleers I see what they mean and I understand what they mean and I appreciate everyone’s feedback and I do agree could mess up the economy and we don’t want to do that because that would just screw the whole game up and we love the game

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You could also find a protector corporation that would take you under their wing.

Don’t worry about THEY say, you come into the game with your friends and have fun. You can always stay in the Training Systems for safety as well.

I can just imagine the added excitement at Fan Fest when the Disabled Capsuleer Corporation members are unloaded from the van and have wheel chair races to the front doors.

I can see a new ship possibly even being created for those with special needs by CCP that would drive normal Capsuleers crazy trying to fly.

That the 10-year plan The Five-Year Plan to still to have a mining Fleet big enough to own a couple big Capital mining ships

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What’s to stop normal people from joining your disability section? Never doubt the Eve playerbase willingness to stoop to new lows. You may as well scream “scam me”, “blops hunters come here” et al.

At the end of the day, Eve is Eve. You can either play it successfully, or like a great many people, you can’t. It’s explicitly meant to be a hard game, with an insanely high skill curve. If you can’t keep up, that’s unfortunate, but that’s a “you” problem not an “Eve” problem.

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Thats a good plan.

Well…good luck. Hope it works out for you.

You should really resign yourself to having a little bit more respect young man.