⭐ IChooseYou Investment Bank [currently holding 614b]

8B sent

10 bil sent.

Sending 15,000 PLEX via contract, as agreed, for 1% interest.

And people just could buy plexes and get a much larger passive profit than giving them at 1%. :rofl::rofl:

With my fund they get the passive profit and the 1%. Because when they withdraw, they get the same amount of plex they invested + whatever interest they collected along the way.

Sent 1 bil on trial for first month.

Sent 1b.
Character: Sayvin MeadowLion

17.5B Sent
Character: kiemai

Receipt confirmed with thanks. If any of you is on my discord server and don’t have the investor tag and want it, let me know.

Sending back 500mil because I only accept investments in 500mil increments. Otherwise, receipt confirmed with thanks.

Interest paid out for the month of March. As discussed on my discord server, moving forward, I will be making the interest payments every two months. You will still be paid the same interest amount per month - so your payments will effectively be doubled.

This doesn’t affect refunds. If you ask for a refund, I will still give it to you at the end of the month.

Hi there, I would like to withdraw my initial investment of 5 billion. Thanks

Refunded. All the best.

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20b ISK sent to IChooseYou ingame

2b ISK sent to IChooseYou in game sir.

i would like to withdraw my 2bil investment


I would like to withdraw my 17b investment


i would like to withdraw my 5bil investment