[IEDIV] Recruitment open for an inter-faction, operations division

The Independent Engineering Division is looking for miners, industrialists, scientists and security for a new base in null security space. Initial recruits will likely remain in faction space until they are suitable able to help grow the project’s endeavors.

Capsuleers and baseliners, alike, are invited to join. Training plans for the desired position are available and we hope to be able to supply basic vessels for needed roles.

Questions can be brought to the channel IED-IC. We also invite other corporations, interested and willing to partner alongside us to reach out, as well.

As the development of this corporation is inclusive of all factions, we do ask for respect and civility. Many of us have lost friends/family to the conflict. We do not ask you to accept these as reasonable, but while under the employ of the corporation you are expected to keep negative speech about others, based on faction, race, gender, orientation, identity, religion or any possible conceived system of judging people.

We judge by merit, civility and conduct.

-Chief Petty Officer Dacen Windayck
Caldari State Navy (ret.)


I think you might be in the wrong section.

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((Actually going for an in-game, RPer recruitment thread. So think it’s fine here. I have a normal thread in the general recruitment. Where I will bump and do such as normal. But this one is targeting the RP community))


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