[IGC] Invidia Gloriae Comes. We are looking for new members and corporations

We are the [IGC] Invidia Gloriae Comes Alliance and we are full member of the oldest and most active coalitions in Eve history - The Imperium.

We live and work side by side, we are family. And this is rare in EVE.

IGC is a multilingual alliance, english, russian and german.

Our alliance has two mottoes.
Together we are strong. And expand or die.

What do we offer:

  • Alliance systems, and coalition systems are freely available.
  • Total infrastructure, alliance internal infrastructure, and all coalition infrastructure.
  • Alliance moons, and the public moons of the entire coalition in the entire space.
  • The third largest market in Eve universe. Jita, Amar then comes 1DQ.
  • Logistics, alliance logistics, coalition logistics, private logistics. Logistics in all it’s variations.
  • Capital safty and defence group to protect your ships
  • Communication on all levels, Teamspeak, discord, Mumble, Jabber.

And for the PvPers among us, fleets in all sizes. Alliance fleets specialized fleets coalition fleets, any day.

  • Experienced pilots, who will help you with advice and support.
  • Continuity, we have been around for over 8 years, some of us have been online since day one.
  • Ship replacement program.

And so much more.

We are looking for members and corporations. Become a part of the family.

Difficult days come and go, but each of us knows that we have two families. One in Reallife, and one in EVE Online.
We are, we were and we always will be.

There is an answer to all questions, if you are interested get in touch.
EVE Online Public Chat: “IGC-Public”

Discord: IGC-EVE








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