I'm Bored, Hit Me Up For a Chat! (LFC)

I’m sick of hi-sec.

  1. I do most everything in eve or am willing to.
  2. I Play when I want, some times work drags me into the abyss of adulthood and i don’t log into eve for weeks. Also AUS TZ.
  3. Have leadership experience and done some FCing in the past but meh.
  4. Mostly play to talk sh!t and have fun with new and old friends.
  5. I despise numbered and dotted points.

Additional info: looking for null sov, i have alts (including mining boosting alt), will prob have a few friends that may wish to follow me as well.

Hit me up for a chat.


Do you like ravioli?

Man i love ravioli, needs a tops sauce though.

Hey hit me up in game something to ■■■■■■■■!!!

Hey @Omyfid_Tetsukari

I’ll hit you up later in game if I see we’re on at the same time (Fridays are usually not good days for me to be on EVE).

You should definitely check our corp Filthy Peasants. We live in lowsec Solitude which is a pretty unique region as its only accessible via other lowsec or Syndicate (0.0). We’re a mix of vets and newer pvpers who don’t shy away from any potential fights. We’re a pretty casual and open corp without any need for commitment if you can’t be around. Check our post and KB here:

Hit up Arctanis in game or join our public channel Open Filth


Have you found somewhere yet? If not have a look at us!


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