Imperium Alliance member looking to transition to Goonswarm Federation Indy Corp

Currently active in Delve in Imperium Alliance Corp, Officer/Director

Mostly mine (2 Rorqs working on 3rd) but am active in fleets (always exceed monthly PAPs) and 100% active (no PvE) in recent Northern War (mostly subcap T2 Logi)

4 Accounts:

-2 Rorq pilots – active miners during peace (perfect subcap PVP/logi; one PVP/Dread, one FAX ready)

-1 active/daily NGSA Cloaky Camper

-1 T2 Ferox Pilot in GSF Alpha account corp - Suddenly Seamen

Active in US Pacific TZ nightly for 2-4 hours and weekends 4-6 daily

Active in TS – favorite Eve activity mining/chatting with corpmates.

Older player, retired military, can put up with most millennial crap in TS, but preference is more mature players/chat – regardless I don’t cause drama.

Look forward to chatting with you – can visit your corp chat in GSF Mumble for meet & greet

ermm so if you’re already in GSF or Imperium space why don’t you just apply?

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ermm…any suggestion which of the 611 GSF corps I should apply too?

they’re not all indy. I’m not in GSF but moving in between corps in there should be easy enough. just read through bios and see which one is the most active. I’m sure some are just holding corps with no activity.

Karma fleet is always recruiting :joy:

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