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Greetings everyone,

My name is Rumtin and I’m the CEO of Imperium Technologies, an old Corp that was founded around the time when the game was released. Some of you who have been around the block may be familiar with us, but I’d imagine many of you who are new are not.

I’m looking to get Imperium Technologies back into the game and am looking to expand our active member base in order to seek a Null Sec home. If you’d be interested in giving us a try, please head on over to our in game channel IMPTECH-Recruit and give us a chat. We also have our Discord which you can jump on in order to talk to us. I’ll keep an eye on this thread and will respond as soon as I am able. I look forward to speaking with you all and hope you have a great day.

Fly safe or dangerously,


So happy we’ve reopened recruitment, after a few years in hiatus, we’ve been around the block, think we’re the third oldest currently active corp in the game, pretty much done everything, feel free to drop into our discord and get to know us, we play other games beside eve too and host Table top games too.

Yes we do, and i’m glad to see some of the older guys coming around.

Bumping this to keep up the notice.

Imperium Technologies is still recruiting. In the process of settling in a null sec home.

IT is growing. Accepting all time zones. We’ve been accepted into a Null sec Alliance and have access to some of the best space in the South. Now all we need is YOU. Drop me a evemail or hit up our in game channel IMPTECH-Recruit.

\o/ Capsuleers!

A day ago went active as would like to give eve a shot after 6-7 year break. Many (if not all) of 2003-2005 players taken at very least one break from the game so this is a norm in my experience.

…Probably wouldn’t be a better time with COVID still in play and overall “work from home” in effect for many of us.

Been in Imperium Technologies pretty much forever in eve terms heh. ^^

We’re close knit core of mostly vet players working on expanding and becoming more active in eve universe.

Considering IMPTECH a family.

Seen in this corp pretty much everything over some 15-17 years. RL jobs found for folks through the corp as well as RL meet ups. Quite a few alliances changed over the history of the corp. Firmus Ixion and MC being two that immediately comes to mind.

Roll with us and fairly certain you wont be disappointed!

Love Rumtin’s “Fly safe or dangerously”! That’s right! :sunglasses:

Looking forward to meeting y’all in corp chat/voice coms!

R0NIN/Sasha D

Thanks R0NIN, good to have you back with us in EvE.

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