[In-Game Store] Re-branding the NES to better match the EVE Universe

Summary: Changing the name and logo for the NES & providing lore justification


The “New Eden Store”, as present as it is for players in the game, has never had a suitable justification for it when it comes to its placement in the EVE Universe. Not that it would be difficult, it just hasn’t been done.

I recently took a bit of time to design some graphics and come up with some ideas for a fitting replacement for the store’s name, as well as a little bit of story for it. It’s called “The EON Store” (standing for “Empyrean Outlet Network”). EON was the name of the now-defunct EON Magazine years back, and bringing this acronym back into the universe is a nod to it.

The in-game store should have some sort of solid lore justification, given how widely-utilized it is- and to be honest I just wanted to come up with something fun~ Putting the EON Store as a subdivision under CONCORD, serviced through Interbus, works nicely as a unification of the services & as a “streamlined” version of the service the NES provided (all in-universe, of course, since there are no actual changes beyond visuals).

Below I’ve included a few mockups of the changed graphic (including the highlight+glow for the logo when moused over), a fun little fake lore tidbit explaining how things would potentially go down for its implementation, and the actual project files as a .zip - “version 2” of the files included is what I’m going with (included for any CCP’ers whowanna take a peek :wink:)

Fun Lore Explanation:

(Fake) News Article Text:


YULAI – The Secure Commerce Commission has formalized the “New Eden Store” Capsuleer Supply service under the trademark “Empyrean Outlet Network”, or EON, in direct cooperation with Interbus. This announcement follows the sweeping changes made to PLEX-standard QE 4-HE chip regulations earlier this month, with the intent of streamlining product distribution & transport for supply parters and the countless independent Capsuleers making use of the service.

“Though it may not come as much of a surprise, as their organization serviced over ninety-nine percent of orders made through the legacy system, Interbus has been contracted as the sole handler of transactions and delivery for EON,” remarked newly promoted EON CEO (Important Space Supermarket Owner) during the announcment. “This advantageous arrangement grants our own providers access to the same high-priority delivery infrastructure enjoyed by members of the Upwell Network. Capsuleers may not notice much of a change in customer experience, save for the name of the service, but this allows for far greater efficiency in dealings with suppliers- many of whom are already developing new products to deliver through EON.”

Strong support has been expressed by customers and suppliers alike for the revival of the “EON” trademark, previously used by the acclaimed publication of the same name marketed specifically to capsuleers, which announced its cancellation in early YC115.

At the proceedings’ close, (Important Space Supermarket Owner) expressed his happiness that the latest changes to the Capsuleer market had rolled out relatively smoothly, in light of the “lack of enthusiasm many Capsuleers display when it comes to change”, as he put it.


Character Selection Screen (unhighlighted/highlighted):

In-Store (unhighlighted/highlighted):

Project Files



I saw the title and wondered for a second what 8 bit Nintendo systems had to do with EVE.