Incursion Runner looking for a social non-English speaking corporation

Bonjour! Привет! Hej! Hello! 你好! Hyvää päivää!

Cadenius is a hi-sec incursion runner who’d like to be involved in cultures and languages other than Finnish or English. I am social chatter, perhaps a bit shy on the voice comms but with a microphone, and have good spirits which translates to enthusiasm. I’d like to go on a language learning journey in EvE Online. I tend to be very reliable and have mother bear instincts. :slight_smile:

If you’d like me in your corporation and have a tax rate that isn’t silly high I’d gladly mispronounce your dearest words to you.

瘤! Bump!

Last bump for a while. I am particularly looking to learn German and/or French. However, I would gladly join a Japanese corporation or some such as well. So long it isn’t Finnish or English.

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