Industrial/Mining Focused Newbro LF a Minmatar Space Hi-Sec Only Corp

Haven’t played in over 10 to 15 years. I’m in US EST

New character, only 1.5 mil sp. Spend most of my time online mining and interacting with rookie chat for amusement.

I am interested in sowing some industrial seeds in the Minmatar section of empire space (Rens/Hek as my hubs) and while I am aware hi-sec pretty much revolves around Jita apparently I am interested in seeing what I can accomplish focusing on indy activities in this area of space.

Short term goals are learning production, invention, mining, trade, then adding on exploration and lastly some combat but probably primarily for PvE purposes for a good long while.

I am also a one character guy at present. I have no interest in running multiple accounts in the foreseeable near future but who knows later on.

I just want a place to make friends, share experiences, learn from and potential teach what I learn later on with all kinds of people. Doesn’t have to be purely industrial but a focus on industry would be awesome.

I wrote a whole lot for a measly 1.5 mil sp newbro but here’s to hoping I find me something in the area of space I’m interested in.

Thanks for reading!


Found a home. Thanks to all who responded!

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Greetings @Clackjaw ,

I’ve started my own industrial enterprises in the same areas, I will send you a private mail later and see where our interests align.

Best of luck to you, if you dont find a home. message me ingame.

I read the message I’m not just spamming the channels looking for people, but have you though about null at all? We’re just inside bill from them areas. We have station set up for researching, building and reprocessing. We have many Indy focused players and we also pay miners to mine moons. Don’t say no right away but give this a read.

GG-MF Looking for Blood Thirsty Miners!

Also here is our public discord

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