GG-MF Looking for Blood Thirsty Miners!

Goooooooood Morning Blood Thirsty Miners!!!

How’s it flying?
High Sec leaving you wanting more ISK?
Low Sec have you on the edge of death?

Gregarious Games Mechanized Federation is looking to increase its mining power in Etherium Reach. We currently sponsor three systems under Solyaris Chtonium where we have R64, R32, and R4 moons rich with ore. We also have great Ore belts and Ore Sites for mining in system!! We pay miners cold hard ISK to mine, and what GG-MF doesn’t buy directly we will help sell it for you. Corp Members all have projects under foot and are always looking to buy materials.

PvP skills are not required to join our Corp. As long as the interest for PvP. We do not sit idle when others want to do us harm or interrupt our way of life.

GG-MF has attracted Military Veterans, Business Owners, IT Techs, Students, Fathers, IRL Ship Pilots and many many other people from all walks of life. We are a diverse group of member from all over the world.

But in the words of some of our newest members

"GG-MF was precisely what I was looking for, even though I didn’t know it was what I was looking for."
-Roland Hurin (Corp Member)

"Members of GGMF are very supportive to each other. When help is needed or advice, there is always someone in Corp we can lean on."
-Dunnelle Ilore (Corp Member, Ex- Carebear)

So if your interested in flying with one hell of a group of people, please ask us any questions here or join us in “Aech’s Basement” in game channel.

Looking to fly with you soon! o7
Zar Far

We are still looking for your miners on GG-MF’s moons :slight_smile:


Hey, kinda new player here:)

I’m a miner, are mostly mining highsec, but looking for ppl to play with, group up with and look for new places to mine:)

Are you guys still looking for miners?:slight_smile:

moon eat

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