Start your next chapter in eve

New Mining Corp Operating In high Sec need to recruit the first view members.

We are the Free Mining Alliance and have big plans but need members to help grow

We accept new and old players and welcome members to suggest ideas.

If your interested in mining we want to hear from you. We are the Free mining Alliance and we are seeking members with different experiences to join, have adventures and group mine together.

We are a high sec mining corp brand new and need good members for mining activities or roles.

Working in UK time zone but welcome all zones.

All players new and old we may be a mining corp but look to expand into other areas once our recruitment goal have been met so if your interested in other areas of the game please contact us to discuss.

We are also interested in creating a courier and pvp division so if you think you can help please join.

We want leaders to run these divisions.

Free Mining alliance join today

Sent you an email, ( free bump)

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