Looking for an industrial corp

Dont mind if in low sec or null sec, but i want to know upfront if you have moon taxes, or taxes in general, if you want my esi data thats fine, but i want it deleted afterwards and if you have login requirements, I am active, will fit in most place unless the extreme left.

If it works out financially, I will bring other characters with me.

Check us out we have taxes we try to keep taxes as low as possible and be transparent, currently have 30 moons for corp. 5% tax on ice and normal ore. check out our forum post and feel free to visit us in discord for a conversation. ESI data will have to be maintained during your time in corp. its to protect the alliance and the corporation. Would love to have you though

Hey Jintelli!

We have an extensive Indy infrastructure in our pocket in Catch. We are an RL friendly group of people, and enjoy our PVE and small gang PVP as well

We do have moon and corp taxes, but it all goes back into running the corp. Fuel and fittings for Raitarus, Athanors, iHubs and SRP expenses. Theres a small profit each month that builds the corp wallet in case of emergency, all of which is disclosed publicly in our CEOs weekly Youtube series

Check out our ad and hopefully we can chat soon!

How’s it going man. So I represent GG-MF out of Etherium Reach. And we are looking for miners! We have 3 good systems for system mining and also have a healthy amount of moons to mine. We pay our miners per m3 for some of our moons and the others we charge a 10% tax on the reprocessed price which is contracted to you. If you have any questions please reach out to my in game or on our corp posted advert here.

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