War Eagle Skouts Wants You ! - 0.0 Mining / Industry Corporation

We are a nullsec corporation in Azure Citizen alliance.

We are looking for miners and industrialists - we are a Corp that likes to chew lots of ore.

What we offer:

  • R8, R16, R32 Moons
  • We have Ore every day of the week.
  • No Tax on Moons !!
  • Mining Boosts
  • Buyback for every Moon Ore / Ice you mine.
  • Opportunity to own a private moon in our space (conditions apply)
  • POCOs with very low tax ( very good planets)
  • Ice System - Mine as much ice as you want, every day
  • Logistics (JF)
  • Starter Mining Ships
  • Seeded Market in FRT Space (with products delivery if required).

What we require:

  • ESI Check
  • Discord ( no mic req)
  • Mature People

Join us in WEF-PUB (in-game) for more information.

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Great Quality Moons fracturing soon, if you like to mine and earn isk don’t look any further.

No Tax on Moons / Ice / Ore
Buyback very good rates for anything you mine.

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Our Moon Collection is growing, more great quality rocks to mine and ISK to be made. Come to mine with us.

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Another day another great moon fracturing.

Need ISK?
Want chilled gameplay mining rocks chatting?
Want to start with the industry?

Look no further. War Eagle Skouts:
We offer premium content for free, where others will ask you to pay moon tax or pay to be in a corporation, we won’t ask anything like this. Harvest good moons/ice with boosts and sell them on spot to our buyback representative. We even offer you a free mining ship to propel your career.

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We are recruiting !! Come to print isk with us.

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