[Anti-Asteroid Conservation Effort] SOV NUL Indy/Pvp/Mining Corp! RECRUITING!

Good Morning, Evening, Afternoon!

I’m not here to mass recruit, I’m here to recruit active players who desire to progress.

What we offer:

  • An ENTIRE region to ourselves, protected by a large coalition.
  • Over 100 R16/R32/R64 moons with Tataras/Athanors on them (28 or 56 day pulls)
  • Ice belts, Ore anoms, ratting sites!
  • Opportunities to make over 4+billion isk/hr just by mining moon goo. DAILY!
  • Want to join PVP fleets? We got that too! Large roams, small roams, or organized fleets for war efforts!
  • Buy back programs at 100% Jita sell for compressed ores
  • All Indy structures at 0% tax, Yes, 0%! (Sotiyos included).
  • Players and Directors from all time zones!
  • No required fleets of anything, no ore tax, no nothing.
  • Only rule we have, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

I can literally list dozens upon dozens of perks and reasons to join, but really I need people who want to make the jump and join. We not only are wanting individuals but are willing to assimilate dying corps.

Please send an in game mail to myself, or apply to the corp and we’ll get to you as fast as possible. We do check all Killboard activities, previous corp history and API checks. While we want to grow larger and larger, we won’t just accept anyone that isn’t a great fit.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t miss this opportunity! We make billions of isk with minimal effort daily!

Just pulled a jackpot moon worth 75 billion refined today. Sure wish we had more miners!

this sounds too good to be true… tell me more!

Bump. (Also one of the people to contact regarding applications)

Oh my!

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