Miners & Industrial specialists

Miners Wanted!!!

You love to mine? You want to be paid above the odds for your hard work?

Join the Edge Dancers located on the edge of Eve Space…

Moons a pop-in…Enormous, Collosal etc etc belts…ICE all available in our little part of Eve…

We have a mineral buy back programme that is incredibly generous. Our tax’s are 1.5% in our structures, free clones, repairs. We offer you the best reaction and manufacturing facilities around…

What’s the catch? 90 minutes a week in joint mining expedition. That’s it.

Want to sell your PI? Your Salvage? Jita Buy prices not discounted…

This is an indy corp that wants you strong! We will help you grow your wallet and provide you with PVP hulls to help gank those stupid enough to disturb us.


Count me in.

I am asking for my mining alt:
This obligatory 90 minutes of mining expedition is it in some strict termin or can be done anytime in the week?

anytime during the week…though if we can get a mining fleet up to clear the moons i would be most appreciative

daily bump

Gotta love this recruiting page… be the 18th recruit in 20 days…email me in game

Hello. Sent you a in game msg

I may be interested. I have 2 toons, miner and booster, as well as PI alts. When a neut enters local my thoughts are 1. Save my ship. 2. Save my implants by switching clones. 3. Get in a PvP ship and go shoot his ass. What region are you located in?

Boost – interested in a chat feel free to eve mail me -

Recruiting member 23…fromm this advert

I’m interested

Hi all - thank you for the huge response - -we will be closing the books on the 30th of the Month to get all our new corp mates sorted…please email/apply - we will get back to you asap

I am a returning player. Still kinda noobish and staying in alpha for a bit to get back into the swing of things. I’m a miner\indy toon looking for training and mentorship in all things Indy.

I am definitely interested if your still hiring. I don’t have the skill for moon mining YET but I am working towards them.

The above reply was with my alt and not my main. This is my main.

Okay lets try and finish off the hiring this weekend!!!

What kind of sec. Space are you in?

Interested, been inactive for awhile looking to get minning again.

We are aiming to get 5 solid recruits then close the books again - presently have 18 moons popping and we are short handed…LEave your gear where it is safe - come out, mine with our gear, get paid and see what its like…our indy side is outstripping the miners and we need more miners…We will help you grow…

got 1 ----need 4 more