Indy Specialists - Wanted

Edge Dancers have opened their books again we are seeking 5 new miner/industrialists…

What we offer is the best mining in Eve:

  • Moons - 3 a week
  • Belts - 18 untouched belts
  • Ice
  • Colossal, Enormous, Large…etc Belts

To complement this we have the best processing, research, invention, manufacturing and copying around.

Time Zones - We have Yanks, Danes, Brits and Aussies - some one is nearly always on

We operate on the edge of Eve space and are part of Hard Knocks Associates.

Our Members Enjoy:

  • 1.5% taxes
  • Free Jita Delivery to and from.
  • Free Clones
  • Free Repairs
  • Corp Buy Back - Jita buy less 1.5%
  • Corp produced ships at cost.
  • Access researched Blueprint Archive

What do we ask of you?

90 minutes of corp work a week…for most that means 90 minutes of mining into the corp coffers. The way we look at it - as your skills improve so will our return on the 90 minutes.

Day 1 - 7 hours into the recruitment Drive and we pick up a winner …4 places left until we close the books again…Join get trained/isked up and help us grow!!!

can we chat ingame?

Hello David
I think i might be just what your looking for. I am a retuning player after some time away. I have been back active again for a couple of months. I am currently in a 3 man corp with some friends. I am trying to find a home that im comfortable with and that are some like minded indy professionals. I have a lot of experiance in industry from basic through to T2 and capital building. I run a 4 to 5 man mining fleet. If i do PI i usually have about 8 toons. I love the indy side of things and i am realy keen to find some stability. I usually play about 3 hrs a day through my work week up to 8hrs on my days off. I am a Aussie but i play over a large time zone as i am a rotating shift worker. Its midnight here and im applling to your ad from work. Would be keen to catch up ingame or over chat. I have discord or i am capable of using any prefered voip service.

In game mail sent. Hope to hear from you

Day 2 - two great prospects signed and a three interviews booked… come in spinner!!!

Had a chat with David, will be joining you soon, looking forward to meeting you all, fly safe.

LAdies and Gents - Day 3 - and we are roaring along!!! 3 signed…two more positions until we close the books

Shoot us an email in game!!!

Daily Bump for cookies

Hey david. I would like to apply for a position in your corp. I am a ruturning player I am in au timezone have 5 toons specialized in mining. I generally play a few hrs after work and as much as i can on the weekend. Have lived in null sec for most of my indy career. I also have a friend that has applied for you corp and think we would be valuable within your corp. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers

Hi! I haven’t played in a while and am getting back into the game. I used to primarily be a miner but I have other important skills too. I used to live in low sec and spent limited time in null sec. I have somewhat of a limited knowledge but I’m eager to learn and to help the corp. I’m versatile and willing to put in the time to better my situation, as well as the corps. Would you have a spot for me?

Friend may be apping this afternoon David

Day 4 - and we have picked up four of the five we were looking for…

If you interested in a chat shoot us an in game email - the recruiters posted cover US/EU/AEST

We have picked up some awesome talent and are looking to fill that final space…do not miss out

Bumping for cookies

Well it is day seven of a very successful recruitment drive…i originally only wanted 5 new pilots and we have hired 6…We will bump this to the top one last time … finish the current run of interviews and talk to anyone who emails us in game over the next 48 hours - up to and DT on the 26th of February…
That said after that time our books are closed once again - look for us to start recruiting again around June. So if your coming on the ride email us right now…

Fly Hard

David BladeLane

If you did not already apply it is an indy wet dream out here, super friendly corp mates, and one nicest spots in null. Maybe see you next round.

■■■■, I might be too late…

Mate, your Corp seems extremely interesting, and I’ve wanted to put my Industry skills to good use with people that looks as interesting as you guys. I really hope I’m not too late !

I still have to finish my class, and I’ll send you an EVE Mail, promise !

OK. You’ve made your corporation sound interesting so I would like to be considered and we might be compatible. Let’s talk about this offer in game. Thanks.

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