Indy Specialist - Wanted

Edge Dancers have opened their books again we are seeking 5 new miner/industrialists…

What we offer is the best mining in Eve:

  • Moons - 3 a week
  • Belts - 18 untouched belts
  • Ice
  • Colossal, Enormous, Large…etc Belts

To complement this we have the best processing, research, invention, manufacturing and copying around.

Time Zones - We have Yanks, Danes, Brits and Aussies - some one is nearly always on

We operate on the edge of Eve space and are part of Hard Knocks Associates.

Our Members Enjoy:

  • 1.5% taxes
  • Free Jita Delivery to and from.
  • Free Clones
  • Free Repairs
  • Corp Buy Back - Jita buy less 1.5%
  • Corp produced ships at cost.
  • Access researched Blueprint Archive

What do we ask of you?

90 minutes of corp work a week…for most that means 90 minutes of mining into the corp coffers. The way we look at it - as your skills improve so will our return on the 90 minutes.

Shoot Wong Fu KinGuy, stormjw or David BladeLane an in game email


5 only spots

We got our first one - 4 spots left!!!

Sorry busy busy busy -----1 spot left!!!

just back from EDU 2019 - I want and need one more person!!!

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