Returning 88 Mil SP Miner / Indy Pilot looking for a home

Hi All

Returning player been out of eve for about 2 years now and im looking to get back into the game, I’m looking for a mining / industrial corp in high/low or Null sec.

I’m UK based and have a varied play time due to working shift so I could be on 7 days for 24 hours but then only 1 hour a day for a week so would need a relaxed corp with regards to that

If your corp does moon mining that is a plus as I’d like to try doing that

So anyone interested in showing this old dog some new tricks? Drop me a mail or post below


You should check out Bootstrap Mining!
We are stationed in Null sec with access to moon and ice mining. You can play as often as you like (or RL allows you) without issues. Read our corporation ad for more info.

I have also recently returned. I have a small operation in hisec going as does a sister corp. Both in hisec with moon mining in progress. Please send me a mail or convo me in game. I think we have what you are looking for.

You might wish to browse the link and see if we’re what/where you are looking.

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