US TZ 11m SP player

Been playing EVE off and on now for about two years quite a bit more recently. I’m still in the NPC corp and looking to join a player corp. to get more out of the game.

I’m mostly running L2 sec. missions, hi-sec ratting, and some wormhole exploration to fund my adventures. I’d like to find a corp. who can answer questions and help me figure out some of the more detail oriented stuff revolving around PVE.

So anyways, I’m fairly new and still trying to figure out stuff. If anyone has room for me shoot me a message!

Hi mate, not sure of your skill set but we run abyssal site, both as a team and single ops.
We have access to level 5s and low sec moon mining.
Pvp and pve style of game play.
I know there are a lot of corps and I myself have looked around for a while, but I call these guys home.
Good friendly bunch, laid back and chill.
Anyway if your interested hit me up.

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