9.8m sp miner looking for null sec rocks

Hi all,

I am a 9.8m sp toon that can fly exhumers/barges and mine most anything. I’m not a pvp guy but I can and will jump in my covops / frig /inty and scout or tackle for defense.
Just looking for a relaxed environment to chill. Eve is my relaxation after work so I am not looking for white knuckle CTA stuff. I can listen on comms but I do not talk much and can’t really focus on game play when I am trying to have a conversation. I have been out of the game for awhile so I am rusty and seem to have many new things that have happened. Wormholes had just been introduced when I was leaving!

Let me know if there are some no stress/returning player/mining corps that just like to break rocks and do the occasional exploration / scouty / frig chase thing that wouldn’t mind me joining in.


hello we are a 0.5 sec corp. very low key and we insist that real world comes first. we only mine moon ore here in our system. we have plenty of athanor pulling up moon rocks. would really enjoy you flying with us. message me for more info.

Hey send me a mail at Eric Pratt. We are a relaxed null sec mining/indy corp

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Check out FAYN Infustries

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we don’t mind.
We have a safe environment for moon mining.
contact me on discord, CodeName#0898, voice or text.

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