11.6m+ sp miner looking for low, null sec, or wormhole corp

Howdy, this is probably a long shot, but I currently have 11.6m+ sp, not really focused on anything and am interested in getting into a corp for low, null or wormhole mining. I’m in the NA CST time zone and would prefer a corporation not at war, with no pvp requirements and with a corp or alliance ore/mineral/planetary commodities buyback program. Basically looking to mine in a secluded area of space while working on other stuff at my desk. You can drop a reply here or message me in game. Thanks.

https://forums.eveonline.com/t/we-form-bl0b-sov-null-daily-pvp-recruiting-corps-and-players-all-tzs :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:

Minds of Murders is actively looking for new pilots! We are a c5 wormhole corp based on training newer people and helping returning players! Come check us out here (Murderous Mindset)

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